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Iris Yung

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Iris is a tech innovation enthusiast, a professional coffee taster, a comics connoisseur, and an aspiring winemaker. She spends her free time learning new coding languages, traveling, and playing tennis. A promoter of self-sufficient, successful businesses, Iris believes that taking a similar approach will carry social e-commerce to new heights.

Iris graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in finance and marketing at the Wharton School, and a minor in music. She is also an alumnus of LaGuardia High School. Her professional and extracurricular experiences cover technology, project management, marketing, investments, credit research, communications, music performance, teaching, and consulting.


Samkit Mehta

Chief Financial Officer

Samkit is an accounting wizard, an expert chai tea drinker, a palm tree artist, and an aspiring island dweller. In his free time, he can be found shooting hoops, training for tae kwon do, and watching foreign films. Once the former Chief Financial Officer at a small credit union, Samkit now spends his time working on projects across different industries.

Samkit graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in finance at the Wharton School and a major in mechanical engineering at the School of Engineering. His professional and extracurricular experiences cover private equity, investment banking, accounting, investment management, internal controls, tutoring, asset/liability management, and operations.

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