FAQ | Cyrene

What is Cyrene?

Cyrene Technologies Group is the latest provider of social e-commerce and technology solutions that support online businesses in optimizing sales and maximizing effectiveness. With a wide selection of services, Cyrene has the right guidance for your business needs.

What makes Cyrene different from other technology companies?

Like most technology companies, we thrive on innovation and aim to help you achieve your technology and business goals. However, Cyrene is about making a lasting impact on our clients as well as making a difference in our communities.

Outside of client projects, Cyrene ventures to develop its own unique solutions, including taking an active role in creating payment platforms for philanthropic organizations and improving existing e-commerce applications.

Who can use Cyrene?

Cyrene has services for individuals, small business owners, and enterprises. Our solutions are all customized based on the project's goals and your end users' preferences.

What features and services does Cyrene offer?

Cyrene specializes in customized and flexible solutions that are designed to drive growth and provide value for your business. For more information on how our in-house solutions can make an impact on your organization, visit our Portfolio and Services pages.

What is Cyrene's fee structure?

Since Cyrene values flexibility and customization, Cyrene will send a quote per project with breakdowns for different phases, if applicable.

Does Cyrene have a refund policy?

Yes, Cyrene extends a refund contingent upon existing work that is in progress of completion or has been completed, or if Cyrene is unable to carry out the project for any reason. The request must be made 48 hours after making payment and up to 60 days after the contract date. To read more, visit our Terms page.