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Who Are We?

Cyrene Technologies Group is the latest provider of social e-commerce and technology solutions that support online businesses in optimizing sales and maximizing effectiveness. With a wide selection of services, Cyrene has the right guidance for your business needs.

Our team consists of talented and dedicated professionals with backgrounds in project management, development, marketing, consulting, and finance. We have no limits to our services as we strive to tailor specific innovative solutions to each client. Cyrene is also beginning to fund technology startups.

Customized solutions are designed to drive growth and provide value for your business. We thrive on innovation and aim to help you achieve your technology and business goals. From the development phase to implementation, the Cyrene team ensures flexible arrangements and works closely with you to meet your needs for each part of the process.

Cyrene also ventures to develop its own unique solutions, including taking an active role in creating payment platforms for philanthropic organizations and improving existing e-commerce applications. For more information on how our in-house solutions can make an impact on your organization, visit our Portfolio and Services pages.

What else do we do?

  • Drive innovation
  • Flexible designs
  • Global relevance
  • Social e-commerce
  • Core technology
  • Full implementation
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The E-Commerce Space

E-commerce is an increasingly popular way for customers to purchase goods and services from a location of their choosing, and for sellers to drive global consumers towards their products. Customers, both young and old, have been shifting their purchasing habits online.

The online shopping experience has been enhanced by newer technology, competitive deals, large varities of items, and direct purchasing. Still, there are many more improvements that can be made to the user and merchant experience.

Cyrene designs individual solutions, such as secure universal gateways for retailers to communicate and customize products for specific customers, and actualizes B2B, B2C, and B2G interfaces to enhance purchasing and increase convenience for everyone.

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